My first promotion at TP gave me the path of my career and I was happy to see that first moment in which the Regional Work Force Manager interviewed me, was the beginning of something great, something that will gave me the challenges and emotions that I was looking for, now I am a Work Force Manager and I could say all this has being the chapters of a real story in Teleperformance.


At TP there are never ending growth opportunities! We want you to grow as a professional but also as a person. Our goal is for you to perform better.

Work Force Sr Manager

Neysan Mobasher

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Advanced English level is required

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Customer Service Representatives

We are looking for a skilled problem solver to join our team as a Customer Service Representative. We need enthusiastic people who can listen to customer service issues and offer innovative solutions to each problem. The Customer Service Representative provides professional and quality service to external customers. Create a genuine, customer friendly experience throughout calls and effective telephone techniques. Provides assistance in a helpful, accurate and timely manner while complying and staying abreast of policies.


We are looking for a results-driven sales representative to actively seek out and engage customer prospects. You will provide complete and appropriate solutions for every customer in order to boost top-line revenue growth, customer acquisition levels and profitability.
The ideal candidate is effective and oriented on goals, meeting targets and client follow ups. Provides assistance in a helpful, accurate and timely manner while complying and staying abreast of policies.

Sales Specialist


Tech Support

Technical Support Representatives will provide technical and network problem resolution to end-users (customers) by performing a question diagnosis, while guiding users through step-by-step solutions. Solutions include, but are not limited , diagnosing and troubleshooting basic webhosting issues, email issues, username/password issues. Support will be provided by clearly communicating technical solutions in a user-friendly, professional manner.